Private Classes

Available for all disciplines!

Alongside our group sessions we also offer  private classes for all disciplines we have on offer.

Private classes are recommended for students who would like to work on routines or find it difficult to attend our regular classes. They are also good for students who find it hard to train in a group.

Our private classes can be 1:1 (one person), 2:1 (two people), 3 & 4 (3/4 people or more recommend to book minimum 1.5h class). Cost is

  • 1:1 – £65 (per hour);
  • 2:1 – £75 (per hour);
  • 3:1 – £110 (1.5h class);
  • 4:1 – £125 (1.5h class).

Please Contact us to book.

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